Gas Utility / Cathodic Protection

Innovation and experience have led the way to expanding markets. Our years of providing electrical solutions for irrigation, construction and repair applications have given us expertise in developing products that stand up to the harshest outdoor environments.

King Innovation saw the need in the gas utility market for a better solution to waterproofing underground tracer wire splices. Their DryConn Direct Bury Lug Yellow was the answer to this call as it ensures safe, waterproof and corrosion-proof underground connections that maintains the integrity of the communication signal without having to cut the main line.

  • King Innovation® is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of innovative construction grade products for the irrigation, electrical, gas utility and landscape lighting markets.

  • Gardner Bender is an electrical industry leader within the contractor and DIY market offering more than 5000 products in connectiveity, wire management and construction equipment.